Current Projects


In August 2011 KWM eG founded, together with two English partner, a Co-operative in the UK: Co-operative Renewables Ltd.

Primary objective of our Co-operative Renewbles is to contribute to environmental protection by establishing and operating renewable energy systems.

In August we installed a 3.84 kWp photovoltaic installation on a domestic roof in Leek.

In the end of 2011 we installed solar photovoltaic installations on the roofs of four supermarkets of Midcounties Co-operative with a total capacity of nearly 200 kWp.

In spring 2012 Co-operative Renewables installed four further large solar Photovoltaic systems on four commercial roofs with a total capacity of 200 kWp.

Furthermore, a 4 kWp-installation was set up on the local theatre of Chipping Norton

KWM herby coordinated the entire development and control of all projects.

Co-operative Renewables


Our further activities focus on two cornerstones:
- Residential building construction
- Ecological concepts for power generation and power distribution

Our activities in residential building construction predominantly involve real estate brokerage, building management, restoration and reconstruction while always following our vision to permanently create pleasant living space.  

For our second cornerstone, the ecological concepts, we are concentrating on regional development of green power generation stations. By integrating ecological concepts into our building construction activities, we are closing the circle for future oriented and sustainable solutions.

Another recent project: proVoltic Bürgerkraftwerke eG