Our recent project: proVoltic Bürgerkraftwerke eG

For our project proVoltic Bürgerkraftwerke eG we are involved in founding and developing a cooperative which will jointly establish and operate green power plants. The idea behind proVoltic is to allow everyone access to affordable and profitable investments into renewable energy sources.

While proVoltic's initial projects focus on photovoltaic power stations, the long term roadmap of the cooperative provides for an extension to also include other methods of environmentally friendly electricity generation.

Through cooperating with private green electricity providers, proVoltic is able to offer its members an extraordinary combination:

Our service:
- Founding and developing the cooperative “proVoltic Bürgerkraftwerke eG”
- Project development of photovoltaic power stations and
   other methods of green electricity generation

- Acquisition of investors

- Acquisition of suitable roofs and areas for roof and ground-mounted PV installations
- Negotiation of cooperation agreements with green electricity providers
- Marketing and development of sales and distribution structure